1999 becomes the mark line.  World Without Cancer Corporation was born with the idea of helping those affected with cancer, renal nephropaties and diabetes with the only porpouse of rising a dream: build a part of an everythingIt is estimated that only 50% of the renal patients population in Colombia has been identifided, which implies that a lot of their basic needs hasn't been covered by the traditional medical services. That's the main reason why this corporation was created. Renal illnesses turned into the basic spot to direct our initial efforts.  As time passed, World Without Cancer Corp. realized that there were a lot of other important causes which identifided with initial porpouse of helping ill people. That's why WWCC started to work hand by hand with other institutions all along the country: Paola Andrea Velásquez Vivas Foundation for cancer affected children (Barranquilla, Colombia) and Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Asylum for homeless old ageds (Zipaquirá, Colombia). Plus, we asist in the loan of nephropaties treatmentes (dyalisis, etc.), with some of the most prestigious institutions in the area like Clínica de la Costa (Barranquilla, Colombia) and the Unidad Renal del Magdalena (Santa Marta, Colombia).  And so, World Without Cancer Corporation stills sowing this basic idea of helping those less fortunate ones, but mostly trying to make it grow with the help of all of those who feel identifided with our job.